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Sustainability in Floristry
Flowers shouldn't cost the earth

The cut flower industry still has a very long way to go and the traditional methods used are still having an impact on our environment and social and economic issues worldwide.

Since day one of being in the business of flowers I have been and continue to be committed to the protection and preservation of our environment
by promoting and practising sustainable principles in floral design, by way of my chosen methods, mechanics, materials and furthermore being mindful of the operations within the flower supply chain.

Nettie of the Gorge does not and has never used floral foam, an harmful single use plastic that is non compostable, water polluant and carcinogenic. Synthetic poly ribbon (florist ribbon) is not used or do I work with flowers that have been bleached or dyed. I use materials that are natural or can broken down naturally with no harm being either degradable, compostable or can be repurposed over and over. 

I avoid as much as possible flowers that carry a heavy carbon/travel footprint and promote and use locally grown seasonal flowers whenever possible. During the British growing season a lot of my fresh and dried flowers are from local Shropshire flower farms within a 15 mile radius. However, with complete transparency my beautiful floral business must operate 12 months of the year, this is my living as well as my passion, therefore I am mindful when importing blooms considering the air miles and suppliers practices. 

I always encourage pre orders bookings and planned events to ensure that I only buy the flowers that I need to avoid any unnecessary waste.

Finally, I do not offer nationwide bouquet deliveries or affiliated with the big flower host sites. The main reasons are, I must have creative licence, floral design is an art form and I will not be governed by a catalogue of design templates. I love to keep it local within a certain mile radius. We much prefer to recommend a talented independent florist within the area in which you wish to send flowers, supporting that local business and the community.

Thank you for reading.


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